09 May 2008

Ayana Features: Nora Dora

This week's Ayana Feature is all about crocheted memories (for me at least) with Nora Dora. In this shop you will find crocheted doll clothing and the cutest doll hats. This shop reminds me of my mother because she loves to crochet and used to cochet dresses for my barbie doll. So for today's Flower Power Friday I am featuring Noreen with Nora Dora!

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself and your shop.
I have crocheted all my life but during my office working years had put it off. Not too long ago my granddaughter was visiting with me and she brought one of her dolls and was play-making clothes out of cloth, just tying them on the doll. I was inspired to pick up my "hook" and make her some doll clothes. That small event has started a while new passion for me. It's endless the ideas and creative venues available, and I have made clothes for a multitude of dolls and trolls and lately have been obsessed with the beautifully unique Blythe doll. I am proud to say I am in my second childhood!

2) How did you decide on your shop name?
Back in the day when I was working in the legal field, several of us had last names that ended in "een" (Noreen being my real name). My nickname became ‘noradora' and it stuck with me and seemed like a perfect fit for my shop name.

3) What inspires you?
I don't use a pattern for any of my creations. I just pick up my hook and start crocheting, never knowing exactly what I am going to make. One of my sisters, who is an artist, sometimes sends me a list of Titles and color combo's with "why don't you make???"....that is one of the things that comes to mind that inspires my creativity. I do find encouragement to be inspiring.

4) What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
The favorite item in my shop would have to be what I call my "Fly Me To The Moon" Blythe Outfit.....I call it my ‘signature outfit' as the color combo (blues and greens) was my first Blythe outfit and it sold within 24 hours of listing. I was hooked! She's my avatar and brings me smiles!

5) What advice do you have for other Etsy sellers?
I think promoting in the forums, hearting other shops, making treasuries, joining a street team and most of all good pictures are all pluses to help you get out there for people to find you. I also think commenting on blogs when you stop to visit brings people around to see you too.

Here's a fun question:
6) If you could be any super hero (or villain), who would you be and why?
Not sure if Samantha from Bewitched is a super hero....but I would love to have the power to just twitch my nose ....dishes done, house cleaned, weeds pulled out of garden. Wouldn't that be fun then I could just crochet more lovely creations!

Shop for your doll's crocheted attire at noradora.etsy.com


Nora said...

Crystal, Thank you so much for featuring me...what an honor to have my Etsy Shop and creations out there for the whole world to see. Thank you.

Winklepots said...

Hm, being a witch kinda sounds like a good plan. I agree, I'd love to twitch my nose and have my house cleaned for me. :o)

Ronalyn said...

Really cute doll clothes, Nora. I'm with you...I've love to be Samantha, too! Then I'd never have to leave my crafts room. LOL!

Red Berry Crochet said...

A very nice blog, thank you for sharing :) Nora is very talented! I love the colors she chooses in her doll clothes and they are so cute and well crafted. Her photos are always amazing too!

maria1130 said...

So glad that you featured this wonderful artist. She and her creations are awesome! Really enjoyed it!

Laura's Left Hook said...

Nora is an awesome person and I am thrilled to see her featured.

Laura's Left Hook said...

Nora is an awesome person and I am thrilled to see her featured.

BlossomingTree said...

Great work Nora! Wonderful feature Crystal.

Crystal said...

Thanks everyone...Make sure to stop by Nora's shop and say HI

off the hook handcrafted accessories said...

I loved the feature about Nora! It is nicely done & I love her creations!

zJayne said...

I am amazed at each and every creation this talented artist creates with her "hook" and hands! Just when I think 'wow', I see another one that makes me go ohhhHHH.

Great feature, well done...I have several of her pieces...my Good and Plenty troll w/outfit sits right here on my desk too!

NoraDora rocks!

Jayne xo

Nora said...

Thanks again Crystal for featuring me on your Blog. You do a fantastic job, I love to read your writings.


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