31 January 2008

Ayana Features: 1 Feb 08

Mizusugi's Designs

In this shop you can find ribbon ornaments, jewelry, handcarved wood pendents, pocket mirrors, key chains, bottle openers and my favorites flower hair clips and brooches. Now I know I'm biased about flowers, but who cares.....this is my feature. :D

Now unfortunately "my" Blue Mum Fabric Hair Pin has just been sold. *sigh* On the bright side I can always get a custom made hair pin. ;)

Here's a brooch that has not sold yet. (Ahem) Buyers what are you waiting for? These flowers are made with cotton fabric in a kanzashi, Japanese fabric flower, style. You can view more of these beautiful flower creations by visiting her Etsy shop http://mizusugi.etsy.com/
or going to http://www.flickr.com/photos/amizugirl/

100 Hearts and Counting

I would like to thank everyone on Etsy who has hearted my shop. That truly means a lot to me. Thanks so much.

30 January 2008

All About Reciprocity

One of the virtues I live by is reciprocity, in that whatever you put out in the world (whether good or bad) eventually comes back to you. So I've been thinking about how I would go about promoting other artists. I have recently inlcuded a mini gallery of some of my favorite items on Etsy, some of which will hopefully be mine one day. Wahaha! (evil laugh) :D

I am also going to start featuring certain artists who have an "ayana creation." Ayana means beautiful flower in Ethiopian. So every week or so I'll be looking out for handcrafted floral items. I hope you enjoy my Ayana Features.

25 January 2008

24 January 2008

Why Knot Bracelets

This is my new line of bracelets just in time for spring. Why not purchase a Why Knot bracelet for yourself or that special someone? Each bead is individually handknotted using nylon cord and finished with an antique silver heart clasp.

Measures approximately 8-8.5" in length. If you need a different size let me know. Available on natural (shown) or dark brown cord. Include color of cord in the message to seller section during checkout.

COLOR CHOICE: Include in message to seller during checout.
yellow, yellow and aqua, aqua, peach , peach and hyacinth, hyacinth (red)

Why Knot Topaz
This bracelet includes topaz, bone and metal beads.
Measures approximately 8-8.5" in length

23 January 2008

Go Red For Women

SAVE THE DATE: February 1 - Go Red for Women Day
25% of the proceeds from this item will be donated to the American Heart Association throughout the month of February

Go Red For Women is a national movement founded by the American Heart Association to help you to fight back against the No. 1 killer of American women.

Show your sweetheart just how much you love them with beaded roses, the gift that lasts a lifetime. This lising is for 1 French beaded sweetheart rose. Each stem includes 1 bloom and 6 leaves and is wrapped with embroidery thread to give it a silky finish.Measures approximately 12-13" in length and bloom is approximately 3" across

COLOR CHOICE: Available in white, crystal, pink and red (shown)

MULTIBUY: Want more roses? Let me know and I'll create a reserve listing for you.

11 January 2008

February Birth Flower - Irises & Violets

Birth Flower Sale
Ends February 29 at 12 midnight EST

Beaded Iris

1 Iris for $10
3 Irises for $25

Each stem includes 1 bloom and 1 leaf
Measures approximately 13-14" in length. Blossom is approximately 2" (5cm) across

Mini-Me Beaded Iris

1 Iris for $4.50
3 Irises for $12

Each stem includes 1 bloom and 2 leaves
Measures approximately 7" in length. Blossom is approximately 1" across

COLORS: Available in white, topaz, yellow, pink, red, purple, and blue (shown). Include color choice in the message to seller section during checkout.

FLOWER MEANING: Irises represent faith, hope, and wisdom.


African Violet Hair Pins

COLORS: Available in white, crystal, topaz, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple (shown), and blue. Include color choice in the message to seller section during checkout.

09 January 2008

Wedding Flowers Commission

I have been commissioned to make a hand-tied bridal bouquet with orange lilies and baby's breath/stephanotis and a lily boutonniere. Throughout the crafting process I will post pictures of the bouquet and boutonniere. I hope you enjoy my "adventure".

Lilies for the bouquet


Lily for boutonniere


Okay...so I decided to make stephanotis for the bouquet and boutonniere instead of baby's breath. I have not made them before, but found them both easy and quick to make.

Here's the boutonniere . . .

And the bouquet

Option 1: the leaves are right under the lilies, which makes them hard to see from this angle.

Option 2: the leaves are placed in between the lilies to make them more visible from this angle.


So...my client decided on option 2. Yea! I curled the leaves into a spiral to make them look fancy and added leaves under the lilies. I also found ribbon that matched the orange lilies.

03 January 2008

My First Feature

This is my first feature, so I'm really excited. My French beaded poppies were featured on January 2, 2008 in the Etsy Treasury. Thanks for adding me April (http://HandcraftedByApril.etsy.com). Click on the following link to view feature.

02 January 2008

Valentine Rose Sale

All of my French beaded roses are on sale

Sale ends February 14 at 12 midnight EST

Available colors: white, clear, pink and red (shown)

Available for purchase in my Etsy Shop


Moss Rose Spray

Miniature Roses

Sweetheart Roses

Carnations Sale - January Birth Flower

Sale Ends January 31 at 12 midnight EST

1 Carnation for $10

3 Carnations for $25

Each stem includes 1 bloom and 3 leaves.

Measures approximately 18-19" (47-48cm) in length - can be shortened to desired length. Blossom is approximately 2" (5cm) across


COLORS: Available in pink, red, purple (shown), white, and yellow. Include color choice in the message to seller section during checkout.

FLOWER MEANING: Carnations represent pure, deep love. Certain colors also have a significant meaning.

Pink - I'll Never Forget You

Red - My Heart Aches For You, Admiration

Purple - Capriciousness, Whimsical

White - Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Woman's Good Luck Gift;

Yellow - You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection


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