26 December 2007

Flower Power Fridays

Get 10% off my beaded flower selection

  • Include "flowerpower" in the message to seller section during checkout

  • Wait for invoice email before paying

  • Sales begins at 12 midnight and ends at 11:59p EST every Friday
Visit my shop at http://ayanacreations.etsy.com/

Let me know if you have any questions.

21 December 2007

New Banner

I would like to thank Robin Lynne for creating my new banner. It is beadiful and totally me. Check out Robin Lynne's Etsy Shop at http://byrobinlynne.etsy.com/


11 December 2007

New December Items

This is the latest addition to my floral line for your viewing pleasure. They are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. Let me know what you think.


Each stem includes 1 blossom and 2 leaves. August Birth Flower.
Available in red (shown), white, and yellow.

Poppies represent eternal sleep, oblivion, and imagination. Certain colors also have a significant meaning. Red poppies mean pleasure. White poppies mean dreams and consolation. Yellow poppies mean success and wealth.

Measures approximately 9-10" in length and blossoms are approximately 2" across

Mistletoe - ON SALE

To kiss or not to kiss. That's all up to you.

This French beaded mistletoe includes 6 large and 3 small leaves with aventurine beads. Measures approximately 6" in length and 3" across

Kwanzaa Roses

I made these roses for a fundraiser for the Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. For more information about ABSW go to http://abswvcu.blogspot.com/

07 December 2007

One Hit Wonder

For your viewing pleasure, the following items are my "One Hit Wonders" so once they're sold, I won't make another one.

Basket of Lilies
Miniature basket with white tiger lilies growing out of it. This is the perfect little decor for you home or office and can also be given as a gift if you can part with it.

30 November 2007


I believe in giving back to the community that has given me so much. Let me know if you have any questions.

Etsy for Charity
I recently joined Etsy for Charity. As a member, I will donate 5% of the proceeds from my ETC items to various charities. For more information go to http://etsyforcharity.ning.com/

28 November 2007

New November Items

This is the latest addition to my floral line for your viewing pleasure. They are available for purchase at Chop Suey Books in Richmond, VA during the Holiday Bizarre Market. Let me know what you think.

Pinky Trillium Spray
I bought this cool looking "bubble" vase and just had to make something to go with it.

You can purchase a custom trillium spray from my Etsy shop.

Basket of Lilies
I was in the mood to make lilies and had this mini basket on hand. So. . .This is what I created.

This is a "One Hit Wonder" so once it's sold, I won't make another one.

Moss Roses and Pine Needles
This is the first bouquet I've made. I wanted to start out small so I make something "quickly". So here you have 3 large blooms, 3 small blooms, 4 buds and a lot of pin needles. This would also make the perfect bouquet for a flower girl and someone with small hands. I placed it in a clear vase and surrounded it by white decorative sand.

Okay - so this is what happens when I have leftover beads

19 November 2007

Floral Hair Accessories

Please read the policy agreement prior to making a purchase


African Violet Hair Pins - Small
Accessorize your look with these French beaded African violet hair pins. Available in white, blue, purple, red, pink and yellow.

Measures approximately 2.5" in length; blossom is approximately 1" across


Green and Red Floral - Small
Complement your style for the holidays with this lovely green beaded 3-petal floral hair pin with red edging. They also make great gifts. Available in any color.

Measures approximately 3" in length; bloom measures approximately 2" across


Blue Floral - Small
Try something new, try something blue. Complement your style with this lovely sparkling blue beaded 5-petal floral hair pin. This floral hair pin would look wonderful on your wedding day, prom, and everyday wear. They also make great gifts. Available in any color.

Measures approximately 3" in length; Bloom measures approximately 2.25" across

** The item is available for purchase in my etsy shop**
For all other items, email me and I will forward you an invoice

05 November 2007

2007 Holiday Bizarre Market

Hey everyone - I will be selling my products during the 2007 Holiday Bizarre Market at Chop Suey Books by Virginia Commonwealth University. The opening reception will be held in the upstairs gallery on Saturday, December 1 from 6p-9p. You can purchase my products at Chop Suey books during their normal business hours through the month of December. Come out and show your support.

Chop Suey Books
1317 W. Cary St
Richmond, VA 23220
Hours Mon-Sat 11a-6p, Sun 1p-6p

Floral Hair Pins

Here is my new line of hair pins. They are available in any color and you have the option of having a different color edging. Price ranges from $10 - $15. Discounts are available for multiple items. Floral hair pins are the perfect accessory and make wonderful gifts. They can be purchased at http://ayanacreations.etsy.com/

Click on image to enlarge

New Poem - Just Rest

This is my latest poem. It's about a conversation I had with God the other day about me taking the time to rest. I'm sharing it with the purpose of reminding you that self preservation is extremely important. Always remember to take some time out for yourself even if it's just 15 minutes a day. Enjoy.


My child
If you just come to me I will give you rest
You need to rest

But God don’t You know how much I have to do?
I just need to
Finish these assignments
Attend this next meeting
Participate in that activity
I don’t have time to rest

My child
If you just come to me I will give you rest
You need to rest

But God don’t You know how much I have to do?
I just need to
Find a new job
Sell these flowers
Start on this load of clothes
I don’t have time to rest

My child
If you just come to me I will give you rest
Haven’t you seen the signs?
When you locked your keys in the car
When you left your paper at home
When you started crying over everything

My child
Please come to Me and I will give you rest
I will wrap you in my comforting arms
Blanket you with peace
And lay you beside the Baobab tree
So that you can have rest
Just rest

-Nsoromma 2007

31 October 2007

November News

Hey everyone - Here are the latest news and updates for my products. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

All new customers receive 10% off their first order.

Chrysanthemum Spider Mum


Coral Earrings

Bougainvillea Candle Holder

Bougainvillea Stem


Ivy Stem

Pine Needles

Starr Flower Stem

That's all for now. Have a beadiful day!

26 October 2007

I'm now on CafePress.com

I just wanted to inform you all that I have a new online store at CafePress.com. There you can purchase greeting cards, note cards, postcards, prints, calendars, etc. with pictures of my French beaded flowers on them. Don't see something you like? I can customize a listing with your favorite flower AT NO CHARGE. Go to http://www.cafepress.com/ayanacreations for more information and to see my new items.

NOTE: You'll have to chose an item that I have already created from my gallery. If you want something specific, contact me directly.

25 October 2007

Customized Orders

I gladly accept commissions and customized orders using my consultation design service. I will provide a free consultation with you via email or telephone for the design of your custom floral package. During the consultation we will discuss the size and type of flowers you wish to have in your custom package. This may include sending you photos of flowers we have made in the past and photos of beads to select the colors. We may be able to provide a rough indication of the price of the custom package as well, but any amounts discussed at this point are subject to change once the full crafting process begins.

How to Order
If you are interested in placing an order after our initial consultation, a non-refundable deposit fee of $50 will be required to begin the crafting process. For orders under $50, the total amount of the item(s) will be the deposit. Once we have designed the items of your custom package, I will be happy to create it.

The Crafting Process
I will begin crafting your order once your deposit has been processed. During the crafting process, I will send you photos of the arrangement, bouquet, wreath, etc. before the final assembly has taken place. You are free to request small alterations at any time; however, major alterations (i.e. change in color, type or size of flowers or beads) will require an additional fee. If you are satisfied with your finished custom package and would like to finalize your order, your remaining balance will be due prior to delivery.

If you are not satisfied with your finished custom package, you are not obligated to purchase it. You can simply cancel your order (but you will lose your deposit) or you can request small alterations. I reserve the right to refuse to accept alterations that are deemed too major. All custom orders and special request sales are final.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

What are "French beaded flowers"?

The term "French beaded" refers to the techique I use to create my flowers. When using this technique, thousands of tiny seed beads are strung onto flexible wire and sculpted into various flower components (i.e. petals, leaves, etc). These parts "come to life" when they are crafted to make flowers and foliage. Next the stems are wrapped with floral tape and embroidery floss to give them a silky finish.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about French beaded flowers.


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