09 April 2008

A Poem for Parents

My son is just as handsome and cute as he wants to be. He recently turned three and it seems like his temper tantrums have been turned up another notch. Last night he whinned and cried over every little thing. He wanted me to hold him and as soon as I tried to put him down he started crying. I'm just thankful that I realized he was just tired. Little ones at that age are not able to verbally explain when they are frustrated and tired, but that sure didn't help my mood because after work and class, I was tired as well. So today after some sleep, quiet time and reflection, I wrote the following poem about my frustraton:



That’s what I started calling you
Even though that’s not your name
You just keep on pushing my buttons
Testing me in every way

Now I know you can hear me
I see you peeking out the side of your eye
Don’t you walk away from me
Think I’m playing?

Don’t you understand Mama is tired
I need some quiet time
You better go somewhere and sit down
Cuz you’re working my last nerves

Copyright 2008 Crystal Harding

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