29 April 2008

Picture Preparations

I love taking pictures, especially of unsuspecting family and friends during their embarassing moments like when they are in the middle of stuffing their faces with food. LOL. One of the challenges I've encountered in having an online business is taking good pictures. I've received feedback and advise from other artists. When I first started most of my pictures were dark. That was before I found out I could lighten them up. So I've been working on making my pictures lighter. I prefer to take pictures in natural light, especially since computer settings are different. This will show the best composition of my flowers. When I took these pictures, it was a bit cloudy outside, however, it think they turned out pretty good.

My next goal in picture taking is "setting the stage" for my products. Other artists have mentioned using models, props, etc. in order to enhance your products. That is something I will definitely work this year. Even though I did not use props to display the following moss roses, I did attempt to "set the stage". I especially like this picture because you are able to see the roses from different angles all in the same photo.

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