07 March 2008

Make Something for Yourself

So last weekend we went to Bangles & Beads (B&B for short) so I could get some seeds beads and Swaroski crystals. I plan on making a red sweetheart or either miniature rose bouquet with the crystals. I also bought some fresh water pearls for another bouquet in the making. For some reason it always takes me a long time to get what I need at B&B, mainly because I'm looking at everything else they have. :D While I was looking at the crystals, I mentioned that I liked the sea glass beads. My husband, Gary, asked me if I wanted them and I said yes, but I would wait since that was not on my list of things to get. A few minutes later, I'm still looking around and he gives me one of their fancy bags with a gift card in it and tells me I can buy whatever I want FOR MYSELF.

Now of course I was thinking about everything I wanted from B&B and for a while I couldn't decide what I wanted. This made me sad for a moment because I haven't made anything for myself in a while and thus haven't gone shopping for myself either. Since it was getting close to closing time, Gary started giving me the "incremental time warnings". I did buy those sea glass beads I was eyeing and I plan to go back and buy something else for myself soon.

Earlier that day I told Gary I planned on selling a pair of earrings that I love and he was surprised because he thought I made them for myself. While we were in the car he told me that even though he's not the most romantic person in the world, he wanted to do something special for me. Since I don't make a lot of things for myself, the gift card was perfect.

Moral of this story: Don't forget about you!

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