11 December 2007

New December Items

This is the latest addition to my floral line for your viewing pleasure. They are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. Let me know what you think.


Each stem includes 1 blossom and 2 leaves. August Birth Flower.
Available in red (shown), white, and yellow.

Poppies represent eternal sleep, oblivion, and imagination. Certain colors also have a significant meaning. Red poppies mean pleasure. White poppies mean dreams and consolation. Yellow poppies mean success and wealth.

Measures approximately 9-10" in length and blossoms are approximately 2" across

Mistletoe - ON SALE

To kiss or not to kiss. That's all up to you.

This French beaded mistletoe includes 6 large and 3 small leaves with aventurine beads. Measures approximately 6" in length and 3" across

Kwanzaa Roses

I made these roses for a fundraiser for the Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. For more information about ABSW go to http://abswvcu.blogspot.com/

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