28 November 2007

New November Items

This is the latest addition to my floral line for your viewing pleasure. They are available for purchase at Chop Suey Books in Richmond, VA during the Holiday Bizarre Market. Let me know what you think.

Pinky Trillium Spray
I bought this cool looking "bubble" vase and just had to make something to go with it.

You can purchase a custom trillium spray from my Etsy shop.

Basket of Lilies
I was in the mood to make lilies and had this mini basket on hand. So. . .This is what I created.

This is a "One Hit Wonder" so once it's sold, I won't make another one.

Moss Roses and Pine Needles
This is the first bouquet I've made. I wanted to start out small so I make something "quickly". So here you have 3 large blooms, 3 small blooms, 4 buds and a lot of pin needles. This would also make the perfect bouquet for a flower girl and someone with small hands. I placed it in a clear vase and surrounded it by white decorative sand.

Okay - so this is what happens when I have leftover beads

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